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Cathedral Chronicles


An alien war has engulfed Earth. On the day, Isaac receives his call-up papers a beautiful girl walks into his electrical repair shop. Tragically, the couple is caught up in a bombing raid. A mysterious child healer release’s Isaac from his underground tomb, but Chloe is less fortunate. Twenty first century reality is profoundly altered, and after the demon army led by the traitor Oswald collides with the resistance, the survivors are forced into hiding.


Isaac and Chloe discover the origins of evil and a solution that could release them from the enemies’ toxic grip. Armed with powerful secrets, which are desired by many, the couple begin to fight back. Trusting nobody, Isaac and Chloe, realise that they alone need to negotiate the traps and dangers, decided in which time, and space that their secrets belong.




Cathedral Chronicles

Adair is a young journalist haunted by a conspiracy that sent his father Doctor Brown running to the safety of a remote Scottish Island, when he was still a child. Was his father deluded? Perhaps even insane or was he telling the truth?
Sophia was Adair’s childhood friend. At the age of eleven, they became separated only to meet years later through the internet. However, they are soon overcome by dark events and the distortions of their everyday lives.
Shadows creep, and menacing events take place as they seek to unravel the terrible secrets that are being kept from humanity.



5.0 out of 5 stars Again, read it in a day. 2 Nov 2013

By John Saunders

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'This is the second book by Elizabeth Wixley that I have read. The first one In the Devil's Own Words completely blew me away and left me wanting more. This book is different because it is more of a prequel to the devils own but no less gripping. The start does introduce the main characters and their background quite abruptly and almost in a glib way, but very quickly the story really gets going and the believe me, the pages start to turn very quickly. How the writer finds the images in her mind that are portrayed in the story, I will never know but having read some best selling                                                     horror/apocalyptic/vampire/hybrid/monster...etc etc, these two stories are right up there with them in the way that you are taken on a journey and can picture and feel the atmosphere created using only words. A sequel to the devils own to add to this series is my request to the author.'






In The Devil's Own Words

Cathedral Chronicles


Moving house has become a way of life for fifteen year old Isobel Miller. Her father is an Army Major; her mother, a middle aged, pregnant, chain smoking alcoholic. But the move to the village of Langham could be the straw that broke the camel's back. To the truculent teenager it might as well have been to Timbuktu. Isobel is resentful of the baby, angry with her mother for dragging her away from civilization to live in a village which has no street lighting, let alone any decent shops.

The only light in her miserable existence is her grandfather, story-teller elite, her saviour. And when one of his macabre tales is mentioned in the local paper, Isobel is drawn into the depths of evil and devil worship. Her world, and that of everyone around her, turns upside down.

The cause? A mysterious book, an omen, which once opened and read starts a cataclysmic chain of events, and their lives are filled with tragedy and disaster. Salvation comes in the guise of three other teenagers-Peter, Oswald and Ariel-and the four form a bond so strong nothing can tear apart-nothing except maybe the devil himself!



Amazon five star review by William A.Hiatt


Are you getting a little tired of apocalyptic novels? So was I-until I read Elizabeth Wixley's "In the Devil's Own  Words." A combination of the author's fertile imagination and life experience revitalizes an old subgenre.


I now realize I can't do justice to the originality of this novel without ruining the suprise from some of the plot twists...and there are many. Intially I felt Ms. Wixley might sometimes give too much away, as when Bishop's Francis's intent is revealed very rapidly. What I did not know is that the events that are revealed are just the tip of the proverbial iceburg. More than once I found myself jolted out of my smug sense of certainty about what was going to happen next. By the end I knew better than to even try to guess. Instead, I just let the story engulf me.


Yet, as full of surprises as the plot is, what really appeals to me most about this novel is the characters, particularly Isobel, Peter and Ozzy, the unlikely group of teenage friends who fnd themselves adventuring together. If you read Ms. Wixley's biographical note at the end you will discover that she as worked with struggling adolescens, and perhaps some of this experience plays a role in the realistic development of her teenage characters. At first one might think that they got together too quickly, but in fact all three, even the tough Isobel, are looking for somewhere to belong. Since they all three have the same need, they naturally gravitate together fairly quickly. Once they are together, they make a memorable example of friendship, as well as a memorable team for plot purposes.......... read more on and uk.









Looking for Life


Susan and Georgina are two scientists looking for signs of life on a devastated planet. What they find is a shock to them both and has the potential for causing a catastrophe on their own world. Struggling with their dilemma’s they try to continue with their normal lives, unsure as to what price they will have to pay for their secrets.


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This book is an easy read. It left me feeling sad, genuinely angry, happy, then sad again. The author is wonderful if they brought so many emotions in me. I was sad that it ended and there was nothing left to read. I didn't want to put it down when I started.
This book was a great one, I really recommend it. The ending left me crying like a baby. I'm going to begin reading it for a 2nd time right now.



I loved this book! It was a quick fast flowing read. The descriptive writing was beautiful and took me back to my own childhood. There is a thrilling mix between the contemporary world of a group of children and historical events. I also enjoyed the paranormal twist. This book is full of contrasts between happy and dark. A very emotional read that had me gripped. I would highly recommend this book. Not only the book but this author! Well done Ms. Green. I am becoming a true fan.


This 'edge-of-your-seat' thriller captivates the reader from the very first page. Reads like a best-seller, and concludes with a powerful punch!


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